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Adopt the Secure by Design approach with Tekru Technologies

Adopt the Secure by Design approach with Tekru Technologies

At Tekru Technologies, security isn’t just a box to tick at the end of a project. Thanks to our partnership with DefensyLab, we integrate security right from the design stage to ensure that our web applications are robust and resilient in the face of potential threats. We call this Secure by Design.

Why is Secure by Design crucial?

  1. Proactive prevention: By identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities at the earliest stages of development, we significantly reduce the risk of costly security flaws to correct once in production.
  2. Standards Compliance: Integrating security right from the design stage makes it easier for us to comply with current standards and regulations, such as the RGPD in Europe.
  3. Cost reduction: Correcting vulnerabilities after deployment can be ten times more costly than preventing them. By integrating security from the outset, we optimize resources and minimize costs.
  4. User confidence: Secure applications strengthen the confidence of our customers and their end-users, a key factor in loyalty and satisfaction.

How do we implement Secure by Design?

  • Risk assessment: Right from the design phase, we carry out an in-depth risk analysis in partnership with Defensy, a leading cybersecurity company, to identify potential threats and define appropriate protection measures.
  • Secure architecture: We design robust application architectures that incorporate security principles such as the principle of least privilege and defense-in-depth.
  • Code review: Our developers follow rigorous code review practices to detect and correct vulnerabilities at every stage of the development cycle.
  • Security testing: Before each deployment, we carry out exhaustive security testing, including penetration testing and static and dynamic code analysis, in collaboration with Defensy.
  • Ongoing training: We invest in ongoing training for our teams to keep them up to date with the latest threats and protection techniques.
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Impact on Web development with Node.js and React

By integrating Secure by Design into our Node.js and React projects, we ensure that every component of the application is designed to withstand threats. For Node.js, this means securing APIs, rigorously managing dependencies and guaranteeing process isolation. For React, we focus on protection against XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) and CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) attacks, while ensuring secure state and data management.

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