Case studies

Food Traceability Transparency: How Carthage Crabs Revolutionized the Fishing Industry with Tekru Technologies

Carthage Crabs, a leader in the fishing industry, partnered with Tekru Technologies to enhance food traceability and transparency. The innovative web interface has improved customer satisfaction and reinforced Carthage Crabs’ reputation as a provider of high-quality seafood products.

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The Successful Transition from Newfood to B2C: How Tekru and Tekmanda Facilitated the Online Expansion of the Food Industry

Newfood transitioned from B2B to B2C with Tekru’s tailored e-commerce solution. Improved customer experience, secure payments, and effective communication were key achievements.

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Automation and Streamlining of the CJD Business Awards Process by Tekru Technologies

The partnership between CJD Tunisia and Tekru Technologies streamlined the CJD Business Awards process, enhancing efficiency for candidates and ensuring the success of the event.

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From Expertise to Autonomy: APS’s Success in Developing Their E-Commerce Website Assisted by Tekru Technologies

With Tekru Technologies’ ongoing assistance, APS successfully launched its e-commerce site, optimized its online sales process, expanded its customer base, and strengthened its team’s skills for autonomous management.

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