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Adopt the Secure by Design approach with Tekru Technologies

At Tekru Technologies, security isn’t just a box to tick at the end of a project. Thanks to our partnership with DefensyLab, we integrate security right from the design stage to ensure that our web applications are robust and resilient in the face of potential threats. We call this Secure by Design. Why is Secure by Design crucial? How do we implement Secure by Design? Impact on Web development with Node.js and React By integrating Secure by Design into our […]

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Deploy a Next.js app with Caddy

In the modern area of Cloud Computing, self deploying a web application to a personal or small business server is a not as easy or common task. The most common way to deploy a web application is to use a cloud provider like AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure. However, these services can be expensive and complex to set up. If you’re looking for a simpler, more cost-effective way to deploy your web application, this article is for you. In this […]

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Why is Node.js and React the right combination for your enterprise application?

The world of modern application development requires a judicious combination of technologies to deliver high-performance, scalable and flexible solutions. Among the most popular and powerful duos, Node.js and React stand out. In this article, we present them to you, highlighting the advantages of using them together to develop your applications.

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