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Al Manehel – Learning management system

The private primary school Al Manehel is dedicated to implementing a new pedagogical approach while adhering to the official curriculum.

By adopting active methods such as audiovisual teaching, cooperative learning, and differential pedagogy, the school has attracted children from the entire Sfax region whose parents seek the best environment for their children.

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted all sectors in Tunisia and around the world, and the field of education is among the hardest hit. The Al Manehel team sought to adapt, and after several teleconference sessions with our team, it was decided to launch a Learning Management System (LMS) platform.

The challenge was significant, as children’s education relies on the interaction with their teacher. However, thanks to the collaboration of both teams, Al Manehel and Tekru Technologies, we were able to create an online training platform in Arabic for children. This platform enables teachers to upload their courses using a simple and fast block editor, and students can interact with the interface with ease.

In addition to online training, the platform also includes a forum for discussion, an online library of books, and other social features.

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