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Food Traceability Transparency: How Carthage Crabs Revolutionized the Fishing Industry with Tekru Technologies

Carthage Crabs, a leading company in the fishing industry involved in seafood processing, packaging, and export, was founded in 2019. Their commitment to quality and product traceability has propelled them to the top of the sector.

Project Information


Carthage Crabs
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Challenges Faced

As Carthage Crabs grew, a major challenge arose: ensuring food traceability and transparency to meet the demands of their discerning customers.

Proposed Solutions

Operator Section (Data Management)

One of the essential pillars of the web interface developed for Carthage Crabs is the operator section. This section allows Carthage Crabs’ internal teams to efficiently input, manage, and update food product data. Here are the key features of this section :

  • Product Database Management: A user-friendly interface allows operators to input and update detailed information about each product, including origin, certifications, ingredients, nutritional information, etc.
  • Upstream and Downstream Traceability: Operators can trace product traceability from the source to distribution, ensuring complete supply chain management.
  • Comment Management System: Operators have the ability to oversee customer comments and complaints, facilitating feedback management and continuous product improvement.

Public Section (Customer Interface)

The public interface of the application has been carefully designed to provide an exceptional experience for Carthage Crabs’ customers. It focuses on food data transparency and customer feedback collection while integrating crucial elements for design, SEO optimization, performance, and usability. Here are the key features of this section :

  • User-Friendly Design: The interface features a modern and intuitive design that ensures easy navigation for users, promoting a positive experience.
  • SEO Optimization: Content is optimized for search engines, ensuring maximum visibility on the internet, enhancing Carthage Crabs’ online presence.
  • High Performance: The use of Next.js ensures fast loading times, reducing wait times for users.
  • Usability: The interface was designed with usability in mind, providing customers with easy access to product information through QR code scanning.
  • Food Data Transparency: Customers can instantly access essential product information, such as origin, certifications, ingredients, nutritional information, and expiration date.
  • Real-Time Customer Feedback: Customers have the option to leave feedback, submit complaints, and provide experiences, strengthening the relationship with Carthage Crabs and enabling the company to quickly respond to customer needs.


The web interface developed by Tekru Technologies had a significant impact. Carthage Crabs’ customers can now instantly access crucial product information, enhancing transparency and trust. This improvement has resulted in higher customer satisfaction and an enhanced reputation for Carthage Crabs as a provider of high-quality seafood products.


The partnership between Carthage Crabs and Tekru Technologies has resulted in an innovative solution that transformed how the company interacts with its customers. The Next.js-based food traceability interface has proven its effectiveness in improving transparency and strengthening customer satisfaction. Tekru Technologies is proud to have contributed to the success of Carthage Crabs through this cutting-edge initiative.