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From Expertise to Autonomy: APS’s Success in Developing Their E-Commerce Website Assisted by Tekru Technologies

APS, a division of Atlas Emballage, is a key player in the paper packaging industry in Tunisia, with a national presence through two offices located in Sfax and Tunis. APS has distinguished itself by offering a range of high-quality standard and flexible packaging solutions. As part of its desire for internalization and expertise in e-commerce website development, APS turned to Tekru Technologies, specialized in web development, for transparent guidance and knowledge transfer.

Project Information


APS (a division of Atlas Emballage)
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Challenges Faced

The management of APS expressed the desire to internationalize its operations and internally develop an e-commerce website to meet the needs of its customers on a national scale. However, the APS team acknowledged the crucial need for expertise and transparent guidance to ensure the success of this ambitious venture. The necessity of mastering the know-how of e-commerce website development and management was evident, while also ensuring that APS’s internal team was well-prepared to take on this new initiative independently.

Proposed Solutions

Tekru Technologies played a crucial role in closely accompanying APS’s team throughout the development of the e-commerce website. The solution included the following elements:

  1. Guidance and Supervision: Instead of providing initial strategic advice, Tekru Technologies opted for a continuous supervision approach. Our team of experts was present at every stage of the project, offering informed insights into the technical choices and decisions made by APS’s team.
  2. Evaluation of Options: Tekru Technologies brought their expertise to evaluate different options and recommend best practices based on APS’s specific needs. Each technical choice was meticulously examined to ensure it aligned with industry standards and APS’s objectives.
  3. Knowledge Transfer: The Tekru Technologies team ensured continuous knowledge transfer, allowing APS’s team to develop their skills and gain autonomy as the project progressed.

This approach of supervision and guidance enabled APS to benefit from expert support while gradually developing its internal capabilities for e-commerce website management.


The successful collaboration between APS and Tekru Technologies has resulted in the following outcomes for the APS brand:

  • Successful Launch of the E-Commerce Website: With the guidance of Tekru Technologies, the APS team successfully launched the e-commerce website, providing a user-friendly platform for customers.
  • Optimization of Online Sales Process Efficiency: Thanks to Tekru Technologies’ expert supervision and advice, APS optimized its online sales process, enhancing customer experience and order management.
  • Customer Base Expansion through Increased Online Presence: The e-commerce website enabled APS to attract new customers both nationally and internationally, expanding its customer base and reach.
  • Skill Enhancement within the APS Team: Tekru Technologies’ guidance allowed the APS team to acquire valuable expertise in e-commerce website development and management. While the launch wasn’t achieved within the originally planned timelines, this experience strengthened APS’s ability to independently manage the website going forward.

The progression of expertise within the APS team is a significant outcome of this collaboration, demonstrating APS’s commitment to fully mastering the skills required to succeed in online commerce, despite challenges in meeting the initial timelines.”


Tekru Technologies played a crucial role by providing strategic guidance and technical expertise to support APS in the successful creation of the e-commerce website for its range of standard and flexible packaging. This collaboration has strengthened APS’s position in the online market, showcasing Tekru Technologies’ ability to assist its industrial clients in their digital transformation projects.