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The Successful Transition from Newfood to B2C: How Tekru and Tekmanda Facilitated the Online Expansion of the Food Industry

Newfood, a catering company based in Mahres, Sfax, has long thrived in the B2B sector by producing over 6,000 meals per day. However, when it decided to expand its business to the B2C market, Newfood faced significant challenges. It needed a robust e-commerce solution to sell online and efficiently manage its operations. Although Tekru Technologies offered the Tekmanda solution, it became apparent that Tekmanda’s public interface did not meet Newfood’s expectations. As a result, Tekru took the initiative to create a custom public interface for Newfood. Additionally, Tekmanda did not handle SMS in Tunisia or online payments, which led to the integration of Paymee to address these specific needs.

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Project Goals

The Newfood project had a primary goal of successfully transitioning from B2B to B2C online. However, the challenges were numerous and complex:

  • Transition to B2C: Passing from a B2B activity to an online B2C offering, reaching a new audience of consumers.
  • Exceptional Customer Experience: Offering an optimal user experience by developing a fast and user-friendly e-commerce interface while maintaining loading times under 300 ms. Since the initial public interface of Tekmanda did not meet Newfood’s expectations, Tekru created a custom interface.
  • SMS Communication in Tunisia: The necessity to manage SMS notifications in Tunisia to enhance communication with customers, a specific challenge related to geographic localization.
  • Online Payment in Tunisia: Integrating a secure online payment system for transactions in Tunisia, thereby addressing the needs of the local customer base.

Proposed Solutions

Tekru Technologies addressed these challenges by offering a comprehensive solution:

  • Collaboration with Tekmanda: Tekru Technologies worked closely with Tekmanda to establish a menu management, real-time ordering, and kitchen notification solution. This collaboration ensured the comprehensive and efficient management of Newfood’s operations.
  • Custom Public Interface: Considering Newfood’s specific needs, Tekru created a custom public interface that significantly enhanced the customer experience.
  • Online Payment with Paymee: Tekru successfully integrated Paymee to enable secure online payments in Tunisia, meeting the project’s requirements.
  • SMS Communication in Tunisia: A solution for managing SMS notifications was implemented to enhance communication with customers in Tunisia, taking into account local needs.


Thanks to the collaboration between Newfood, Tekru Technologies, Tekmanda, and Paymee, the project’s objectives were successfully achieved:

  • B2C Success: The launch of the online B2C offering was a success, enabling Newfood to expand its customer base.
  • Improved Customer Experience: The custom public interface significantly enhanced the customer experience while maintaining fast loading times.
  • Payment Security in Tunisia: The integration of Paymee enabled secure online transactions specifically tailored to the Tunisian market.
  • Effective Communication in Tunisia: The SMS notification management solution in Tunisia strengthened communication with customers, taking into account local preferences.


The Newfood project illustrates how Tekru Technologies facilitated the successful transition from B2B catering to B2C through a comprehensive and high-performing e-commerce solution. This case study highlights the technical expertise and effectiveness of the collaboration between Newfood and Tekru Technologies.