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Transformation of Com’unique’s Web Hosting Infrastructure: How Tekru Resolved Post-Acquisition Challenges

Com’unique, a Tunisian communication consulting agency, was acquired by a new team at the beginning of 2021, opening the door to new opportunities and challenges.

One of the significant challenges that Com’unique faced after the acquisition was the complex management of its portfolio of client websites, ranging from simple PHP websites to WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, and more. Furthermore, server management, including updates, hosting, and security, was not optimal.

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Challenges Faced

After the acquisition, Com’unique faced a series of complex challenges:

  • Diversity of Technologies: Client websites were built on different platforms, making consistent management and updates challenging.
  • Unmanaged Server Issues: Existing servers were not properly managed, leading to security, performance, and reliability issues.
  • SSL Certificate Management: Generating and renewing SSL certificates posed a challenge, requiring a robust solution to ensure website security.
  • Varied PHP Versions: Different PHP versions used on client websites complicated maintenance and compatibility.
  • Database Migration: Migrating databases to the new infrastructure required meticulous planning to avoid data loss or service interruptions.
  • Varied PHP Versions: Different PHP versions used on client websites complicated maintenance and compatibility.
  • DNS Changes: Modifying DNS records to redirect traffic to the new infrastructure had to be managed without major disruptions for users.

Proposed Solutions

To address these complex challenges, Com’unique enlisted the help of Tekru Technologies. The solution included the following elements:

  • Thorough Audit: Tekru Technologies conducted a comprehensive audit of the existing infrastructure, identifying weaknesses and areas requiring improvement.
  • Migration to a Consolidated Server at OVH: As part of the solution, Tekru Technologies recommended and implemented a consolidated server at OVH. This decision centralized the management of all client websites, simplifying maintenance and enhancing security.
  • Use of Plesk: Plesk, a web server and hosting control panel, was integrated into the solution. Plesk facilitated website management by offering a user-friendly interface for managing websites, databases, emails, security, and more.
  • Modules in Plesk to Address Initial Issues: Tekru Technologies installed specific modules in Plesk to address initial issues such as security, performance, and update management. These modules enhanced infrastructure security and reliability while improving the performance of client websites.
  • Staff Training: Com’unique’s staff received comprehensive training to effectively use Plesk and manage the consolidated web infrastructure.

The introduction of Plesk into the infrastructure significantly simplified website management and allowed for better monitoring and resolution of initial issues. This solution provided Com’unique with a centralized and user-friendly platform for efficiently managing its portfolio of client websites.


The collaboration between Com’unique and Tekru Technologies has yielded significant results:

  • Optimized Web Infrastructure: Client websites are now managed more efficiently and securely on a consistent platform.
  • Improved Server Management: Servers are now well-managed, with a noticeable enhancement in security and performance.
  • Increased Autonomy: Com’unique staff has gained the necessary skills to independently manage the consolidated web infrastructure.


The successful transformation of Com’unique’s web infrastructure through collaboration with Tekru Technologies demonstrates Tekru Technologies’ ability to solve complex challenges related to technology diversity and management optimization. This transformation has enabled Com’unique to continue providing high-quality communication consulting services while ensuring optimal and secure web management for its clients.