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Smart forms to collect specific customer needs

Explore a more efficient way of collecting customer data with intuitive and fun forms.
Simplify the collection process while benefiting from advanced features for smarter data management

Save +30% of your sales time

+30% of sales time dedicated to understanding customer needs saved: increase sales efficiency and improve your chances of closing deals

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Simplified Qualification


Convert Actif Prospects into Customers

Boost your conversion rate by prioritizing the most qualified leads with Estim'App.

  • Identify interested and interesting prospects at a glance.
  • Generate automatic qualification scores to prioritize leads.
  • Create interactive quizzes to easily understand needs.
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Qualified Leads, Maximum Conversions

With Estim'App, optimize lead qualification and achieve optimal conversion rates.

  • Save wasted (sales) time in understanding needs and focus on the essentials.
  • Engage your prospects with focused and well-thought-out questions.
  • Get valuable real-time information through personalized navigation.
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Transform Every Lead into a Successful Opportunity

From qualification to conversion, Estim'App helps you turn every lead into a qualified customer.

  • Automate the scoring of your different customer types.
  • Prioritize your efforts on high-potential leads
  • Convert your leads faster.
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Track your client-prospect requests from start to finish.

Create a customer experience that reflects your brand

Customize your forms to match your branding and colors with a more fun and intuitive experience.

Custom Forms:
Design custom forms in minutes with no technical skills required.

Unique User Experience:
Personalize each field to offer a custom experience.

Limitless Forms:
Add as many fields as necessary to capture all important information.

Boost your business productivity

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